Mix Pro, the underwater scooter that transforms itself


Mix Pro, the ultimate underwater scooter. Agile and powerful, the Mix Pro is the legacy of years of research and experience.

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The Mix pro underwater scooter is an optimized version of the Whiteshark mix marine thruster. It keeps the same removable float and exists in two versions: white and black. The main difference comes from the addition of a speed that allows you to change speed and the scooter is sold with the quick charger that allows you to divide the battery charging time by 2! 

What is the difference with or without float?

With the float everyone can use the Mix pro, you will stay on the surface more easily. This is what you should use when you observe the seabed while staying close to the surface. In this configuration the float helps you to stay on the surface but does not prevent the scooter and its pilot from going underwater.  Without a float, the scooter becomes even more maneuverable, it becomes even easier to dive to see fish and swim several meters deep. So propeller + float is for beginners, children and people discovering the product, without float for the more sporty regulars! 

What are the advantages of this underwater scooter? 

The Mix pro is a small scooter in terms of volume and weight, so it is easily transportable. You can easily carry it by hand or slip it into your beach bag. With its 3 kilos, children can handle it without worries, which is not the case with more powerful but much heavier and much more expensive sea scooters. Its two handles offer you an easy and pleasant grip, you can not get your fingers stuck and releasing the buttons is done with your fingertips, so very easily.  With two motors located on the sides the water flow generated by the propellers will not bother you as it does with single engine scooters. Finally in the water you have the choice between taking an aerodynamic position and activate the high speed to go faster or a cooler position and the base speed to take your time. With the Mix pro the gliding in the water will not have the same meaning anymore. 

The best underwater scooter for the family?
The answer is yes because with its attractive price you can buy an extra battery for extended use. The water scooter is sold with the quick charger so in less than two hours you can go back to having fun in the water, with 2 batteries it gives you a little break while you finish recharging the first one once it's empty, with 3 batteries the scooter can work all day long as long as you have an outlet to charge! The scooter can be used by children who can swim, in the pool and with an adult to supervise them. No worries for the older ones, you just have to calculate to go back to the surface before you run out of air, but everyone already does it in diving or snorkeling mode. 

Delivered with a quick charger for a total charge in 2h, the Mix Pro is able to carry you underwater for more than 40 to 60mn depending on the weight, with or without float and rest stop conditions. In continuous operation, the Mix Pro vour will glide for 30 minutes at a slow speed of 1.2 m/s and 20 minutes at a fast speed of more than 1.8 m/s, i.e. about 6.5 Km/h! As the float is always removable, the weight of the WhiteShark Mix Pro scooter without float and without battery is only 2.2 Kg, enough to carry it without hesitation in a suitcase as carry-on luggage. Its lithium battery of 122 Wh also allows you to be within the standards authorized by airlines for transport in the cabin.

The WhiteShark Mix Pro is delivered with : 

* Float 

* Quick charger

* Security cord 

* Waterproof support for smartphone