Geneinno S2: the smallest underwater thruster in the world will surprise you.


World's smallest transportable scooter equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 Built-in rechargeable battery. One-handed operation possible

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The Geneinno S2 is a top quality transportable underwater scooter that you can take anywhere with you. Powered by state-of-the-art engines, the S2 allows you to glide effortlessly through the water like a dolphin or to glide on the surface with ease at speeds up to 1.2 m/s which are perfect for finned rides (without fins and without the need to use your legs). It is a scooter with an unbeatable space/speed ratio, its 2 engines and propellers offer a performance optimized by the firm's engineers. The grip is immediate and easy, the buttons are soft and do not hurt the hands as on the more powerful models. 

Its ultra-compact size makes it the perfect companion for a trip to the beach or in the rocks. It can be controlled with one hand and it can be very practical for scuba diving. 
The Geneinno S2 is connected in blutooth with your smartphone and you will be able to manage the aquatic thruster by changing the speed, activating the one- or two-handed piloting mode, having the time of use and the battery level, launching the self-cleaning mode (to be done in fresh water!!).

The battery is built into the scooter, so there is no handling to do. Recharging is done through a magnetic connector, so it's very easy to reload. 
Like all Geneinno scooters it is equipped with a support for underwater camera, we necessarily think of the Gopro but there are many such powerful cameras available on the market. You can also attach to it a waterproof light system, which is practical for exploring caves or underwater caverns. 

The Geneinno S2 is equipped with advanced anti-corrosion treatments to guarantee a long service life, even when used in fresh water. Special bearings and sealing technology combined with water cooling guarantee a long service life.

Size : L 483 × W 254 × H 152 mm

Weight : 2.7 kg

Speed : 0.9 m/s ou 1.2 m/s

Buoyancy : oui

Depth : 30 m

Battery life : 20 min Hight speed or 40-60 min slow speed 

Battery weight :non-detachable integrated 

Interface :

App bluetooth 4.0 (android & iOS)

GoPro support

Accessory available for Geneinno S2