The sea scooter Trident S1 with integrated float is as comfortable on the surface as it is underwater.


Underwater scooter TRIDENT S1 de Geneinno, new version 2020

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The trident S1 is an underwater scooter with integrated float. It is perfect for rental, for diving clubs and for the private individual who wants to please the whole family.

The TRIDENT can descend to a depth of 50m at a speed of 6.5 Km/h for 20 minutes or 3.6 Km/h for 45 minutes.  
The two encapsulated motors are designed to have an optimal resistance to salt water and are above all very powerful. Able to tow a person easily on the surface as well as underwater.

With this underwater propeller or Sea cooter (the name used by diving professionals) you will rediscover the sea bed at home or during your vacations with your feet in the water. In fact this compact, lightweight scooter can be used in swimming pools as well as in the sea or lake. 

Available in two colors (orange and white), it comes with a high capacity lythium battery that can be changed in seconds. Remember to equip yourself with an extra battery to enjoy it longer. 

The seascooter trident S1 in 2020 version has encapsulated rotors for better protection against salt water oxidation. 



Weight: 3.8 kg (8.15lb) with battery or 2.8 Kg

without battery Dimensions: 500 x 210 x 226mm

Maximum Depth: 50m (164ft)

Maximum speed: 3.6km / h in speed 1 or 6.5km / h in speed 2

Operating temperature: 0 ~ 40 ° C

Extension support: GoPro, light

Child safety

Speed: two