Underwater Scooter - Robosea - Seaflyer


Robosea SeaFlyer underwater scooter available in White, Yellow or Blue. 

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The Robosea Seaflyer is the new underwater scooter available in 2021. 

Powerful, the Seaflyer will pull you underwater up to 8 km/h at a depth of 30m. 

Its 2 motors guarantee a powerful propulsion under water

Its lithium battery  compatible with the Yamaha Seawing 2 seascooter allows an autonomy up to 40 minutes in speed 1 and a fast charging time of only 3 hours. 

This new seascooter Robosea Seaflyer has an OLED screen with the information of your speed selection and the level of the battery. Ideal for diving.  

The dual speed selection switch is integrated and allows you to switch from speed 1 to speed 2. 

Lightweight and easy to store in a carry bag, this Robosea Seaflyer underwater scooter is the perfect companion for all diving enthusiasts. 

- Autonomy : up to 40 minutes
- Speed : up to 8 km/h in max speed
- 2 motors / 2 speeds
- OLED display for speed and autonomy
- Powered by a Lithium Ion battery 14.8V / 10AH / 148 Wh
- Dimensions : 510 x 167 x 275 mm
- Weight : 3.7 kg with battery
- Charging time : 3 hours
- Colors: Yellow / White / Blue


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