Navbow+ is an improved version of Navbow with new features.


NAVBOW+ is the evolution of the Navbow scooter by offering new functionalities to the amateurs of diving with an underwater scooter.

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The Navbow+ offers new options requested by Navbow users.  The high-end underwater scooter from Sublue is equipped with new sensors that will provide you with a lot of useful information during your dive and record them via a log system. 

The simplest is the temperature sensor that will display the water temperature on the OLED screen of the scooter. 
The compass will allow you to orientate yourself in the water, very practical, it indicates the course to find your way during trips with tanks.
The depth sensor is the big innovation. It indicates the depth in real time and allows you to limit the depth to which the scooter user can descend. This is very practical for children's safety, for beginners, especially in the case of a loan or rental of the scooter. All the features can be programmed via the SublueGO app, which allows you to manage numerous devices created by Sublue. 

The other nice feature is the fast charger that reduces the battery charging time by 2 and therefore enjoy your sea scooter twice as much during the day. Small advice, it is recommended to buy a second battery to be able to enjoy it fully.

Width: 486mm

Length: 327mm

Height: 177mm

weight: 3,4 Kg (without battery) 

speed :

1m/s in standard speed 

1.5m/s in Sport speed

2m/s in Turbo speed

Autonomy : 

60 mn in standard speed (Free mode)

30 mn in Sport speed

8mn in Turbo speed + 15 mn Sport 

Lithium battery of 158 Wh (1.1 Kg) To carry in your hand luggage during a flight.

Delivered with :

- A carrying case 

- The fast charger 220v

- The 158 Wh battery,

- The safety cord

- The D-shaped diving transport loop 

- Counterweight support with 3 weights 

Options : 

- Underwater photography platform

- Explorer kit 

- Bluetooth Sublue H1 waterproof housing

- Dedicated waterproof backpack.