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The best underwater scooters

The best underwater scooters selected by the Watertoys team. No need to have 10000 references when you have the best aquatic machines in our catalog. With thrusters such as Geneinno's S2, Mix pro and the top of the range Navbow there is something to satisfy all individuals and professionals looking for cheap and high performance underwater scooters.  

Who can use an underwater scooter?

 The underwater scooters that you sell can be used by everyone. We are often asked if we have a woman's underwater scooter or a child's propeller, the answer is yes. These underwater scooters weigh between 3 to 5 kg and are therefore light and compact. They can be carried in one hand, in a beach bag or backpack, which is very practical if you go to the sea or to the pool by bike. Aquatic thrusters can be used in shallow water. You don't need to be a freediving champion to use these fun machines. And for the men a little bit strong ? Well in water the weight of a human body is less important than on land so all scooters are suitable for adults. 

What is an underwater scooter for?

Originally water scooters were intended for divers in diving clubs because they were bulky, heavy, expensive and difficult to maintain. Sublue and Geneinno took these constraints into account to create adapted and inexpensive machines for the general public. And it's a success because it allows little children as well as parents and grandparents to indulge in the joy of riding an underwater scooter in their swimming pool, in the sea or in a lake.