Electronic Kickboard Sublue Swii 98 wh


Electronic Kickboard with electric propulsion for kids with 98 Wh battery

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An electronic kickboard designed with innovative technology that will make water activities fun for all members of your family.

Swii is a high buoyancy smart board with excellent power and portability developed by Sublue for adults and children.

Swii adopts a built-in double helix system and a self-developed double helix system that can deliver a 5 kgf thrust. Taking into account ergonomics and the scientific allocation of weight and buoyancy, Swii provides a stable and comfortable user experience. The detachable and rechargeable lithium battery offers security, portability and ultra-long battery life.

2 speeds up to 1 m / s, fun and safe

High quality foam for comfort

Strong buoyancy

Pass major security certificates

Perfect toy for children

Three color choices: coral red, green water, orange sunrise

Fancy LED for attraction and indication of the battery

Super simple: control by pressing two buttons

Easy to carry handle

LENGTH: 550 mm

WIDTH: 375 mm

HEIGHT: 135 mm


SPEED: 3,6 Km / h