ROV T1 PRO: the easy-to-pilot underwater UAV


T1 PRO ROBOT: Remote Operated ROV - Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV) is a small underwater remote-controlled robot that can travel down to 200m depth.

T1 PRO ROBOT Geneinno do not necessarily address the same people:

You have a drone (ROV) connected to a wire and controllable from the surface that may also be a real diving companion.

The ROV is for you if:

* You want to do a hull or propeller check on your boat quickly.

* You want to check that the anchor is well anchored.

* You want to see in real time what your camera is filming

* You want to observe what is in water bodies impassable diving

* Looking for a diving companion who can not follow you

* you like to be filmed under water

* Weight: 4.5kg

* Size: 380 * 348 * 168mm

* Maximum depth: 200m

* Maximum speed: 2m / s - 7.2Km

* Thrusters: 6

* Sensor: 1 / 2.5 inches CMOS,

* 8 million pixels video resolution: 4K (3840 * 2160),

* 1080P Video Format: MP4 (H265) / MP4 (H264)

* Picture format: JPEG (3840x2160)

* Optical: 160 ° wide angle

* Light: 1500LM × 2

* Storage: 32GB

* Cable length: 200M

* Diameter: 4.5mm

Lithium battery:

Capacity of the ROV:




Autonomy: 4h

Charging time: 3h

Wifi relay capacity:




Battery life: 6h Charging time: 3h

APP: IOS and Android