Pack DOKENSIP Evo: the pack for remote boat monitoring in complete peace of mind.


DOKENSIP Evo constantly monitors the condition of your boat, ensuring its safety and your peace of mind. In the event of an incident, you will be immediately alerted.

DOKENSIP Evo is the best monitoring system for your boat. Its monitoring application will give you all the information about your yacht. 

DOKENSIP Evo is a wireless sensory system that includes a central module (CORE) and a series of sensors distributed throughout the boat.

DOKENSIP Evo will allow you to check the voltage of the batteries, the presence of water in the sumps, detect the movements of the boat and make sure that the current from the pontoon arrives inside without any problem.

DOKENSIP EVo will control without imitating the different sensors of your boat, thanks to a CORE module. The sensor system can be easily extended or reduced.

DOKENSIP EVo will send you an alarm signal in case of an anomaly. Your peace of mind is therefore assured, because otherwise you will know that everything is fine on your boat.

You will control all your boats with a single application and have access to their status at a glance.

Examples of use .
Your boat is connected to the pontoon, but if a power cut occurs you are warned on your phone. If you don't know about it you can completely drain the batteries of your boat and this is a big worry. 
Attempt to steal your boat : the presence sensors warn you. If the boat is moving, you are alerted! It is practical when you are at an anchorage, you define an anchorage area and if the boat comes out of it you are immediately warned.  There is a solution and a sensor adapted to each of your needs. 


- A central unit (CORE): gives the GPS position of the boat and the data from the sensors via its worldwide 4g SIM card.

- A presence sensor (DKP): detects intruding movements

- A Water Sensor (DKA): placed in the hold to warn of a waterway.

- A 220 V (DKC) sensor: ensures that the current from the pontoon is delivered without any problems.  

- A Battery Sensor (DKB): checks the battery voltage

- A dokie with a key fob that recognises the authorised person on board, so that the sensors are not alerted. 

Motion sensor :
sensing distance: 5m
Detection zone: horizontal: 94°- vertical: 82°.

Battery sensor :
Solid state fuse
Polarity protection
Reading limits: 8 - 36v
Power of the installation. Backup batteries

Water sensor :
Resistance check

Shore power sensor :
Semiconductor fuse
Reading limits: 90 - 260vAC
Power of the installation. Backup batteries