WATERTOYS your underwater scooter specialist. 

Watertoys is your specialist dealer for underwater scooters and diving thrusters. With the Sublue and Genneino scooters you have access to the best two-engine water scooters: they are light, powerful and compact in size.
Finally, scooters that are easy to transport and make scuba diving accessible and fun for everyone. The sea scooters that we offer can be used in the sea, in lakes and in swimming pools because of their exceptional manoeuvrability.
On our site you will also find everything about the DOKENSIP EVO, the best wireless monitoring system for your boat. 

The best underwater scooters for scuba diving or to have fun with the kids are on watertoys.fr

Discover the Navbow underwater scooter, the fastest connected scooter in the world : 
- a monster of power with its three speeds including the turbo mode that takes your breath away, a futuristic design, integrated float, removable battery that can be changed in seco

The Mix pro presented with its black or white dress and gold finishes, its two speeds will tow you with power underwater and elegance. 

The whiteshark mix remains the unavoidable and inventor of the mini underwater scooter, rewarded several times and proposed in three magnificent colors, a brilliant white, a turquoise blue - aqua blue - and a superb navy blue - space blue. 

The new 2021, the WhiteShark Tini is the best underwater scooter for snorkeling or swimming pool, it has the advantage of being coupled to multiply the power in duo. 

The Swii electronic swimming kickboard will take your children for a ride in the pool, lake or calm sea as soon as your child is swimming. 

At Genneino, you can have fun with the Trident S1 underwater thruster, which is easy to handle and control. There is also the S2 which is the smallest underwater scooter in the world, small but powerful and perfect for snorkeling to observe the sea floor and fish. Genneino has created the rov Titan, an underwater drone that allows you to see what's happening underwater without having to go underwater. It's very practical for boat captains to check if the anchor is properly hooked or to watch the boat's hull after a collision for example. 

All of these scooters are easy to store in a suitcase or your carry-on luggage if you are going on a seaside vacation. The opportunity to make the most of them. Our team offers you a wide range of accessories for each scooter. 
Boat owners, these scooters are what you need: at anchor you can go swimming or go to the beach without getting tired, see the underwater scenery in clear water. 

All our aquatic machines are equipped with attachments for a Gopro type camera, there are also arms that allow you to film from different angles. We offer useful accessories for underwater photography including LED lamps that allow you to go out on the sea bed and also night trips at sea. Strong sensations assured;

The Dokensip EVO System allows you to get away from your boat without worries. It is composed of a whole host of wireless sensors that will monitor the boat's position, if the dock is out of order, if the service batteries are still healthy or if there is an attempted theft or infringement, if the yacht is moving while at anchor Dokensip Evo will alert up to 3 people in addition to you . The only system to benefit from a call center - call center. 

Dokensip Evo